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【Free Shipping】Newest Microblading Disposable pen with microbrush

A pen with attached Sharp-Flawless needle A Microbrush for perfect and thorough pigment application
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OC-01 Microblading Disposable Pen with Pigment Brush
With a good design angle micro brush for rubbing the pigment into the strokes you made. Healed results are much better when using this brush.
Handles with comfortable rubber part for holding, so you can easily draw curved strokes.
 Medical Independent packing sterilized by E.O gas.
with LOT number, manufacture, expiration dates and  ISO certified. 
Blade is made of medical stainless steel and Extremely thin 0.18/0.20 mm! Crispy strokes and less trauma for skin!
The graceful lines design of the pen according to human mechanics.
There is an angle between the needles and the pen, so it is very comfortable for all artists to do the fine line of eyebrow.
Sizes for Microblading:
Nano 0.18mm 12 Flexi curve
Nano 0.18mm 14 Flexi curve
Nano 0.18mm 17 Flexi Curve
Nano 0.18mm U18 Flexi
Hard 0.2mm 14 curve
Hard 0.2mm 17 Curve
Hard 0.2mm 18 U
Sizes For Microshading:
Quaruple 3R shady
#15M Double Flat shady
#16 Double Slant Shady
OEM: 3000pcs with your private label.

1.All the items packaged well with Carton Box.
2.The microblading pen comes with a nice Aluminum box.
3.The Digital Machine comes with a nice Carton Box of OnliBeauty
4.OEM/ODM Package is welcome,if you need these service,please contact with us freely.
Packing Sample :

Welcome to customized your personal label for microblading products.
1,Customized the stainless steel microblading tool- Autoclave

If the MOQ
50pieces,we supply to put your own logo or label on the microblading tool.
If the MOQ
≥ 1000pieces,you can do your own design microblading tools.

2,Customized The microblading needle blades.

We supply different diameter needle from 0.18-0.30mm ,the needle size and shape also can be Customized  from 7pins to 21 pins or more
With MOQ 20,000PCS ,all blades will be packed into your personal label designed bag and there will be a LOT Number and expiration date on the packaging.

3,Customized the micro-pigment.

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