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【Free Shipping】50pcs Nano Needle Blades Dia 0.18mm Microblading Sterile Needles Blades

Nano Needle blades,Dia 0.18 mm Series Microblading Flexible Blades For Permanent Make Up
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  • Microblading Disposable kit with Disposable pen
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Nano Neelde blades Dia 0.18mm -Microblading Flexible Blades Microblading Eyebrows tools 

1. Aseptic packaging, safe and clean, compact.

2. Sharpness flexible width thickness moderate hardness, wound surface is small, store color lasts longer,

operating frequency fast.

3. Suitable for all kinds of people use, with the all powerful pen easy to paint, out of the eyebrows arc,

giving Reiki lines.

4. Revolutionary patented technology products, adopt international advanced technology of laser welding to avoid harmful substances produced by the ordinary solder more conducive to disinfection.

5. Medical professional in aseptic packaging, during operation due to the angle and needle sharp design just right and easy needle front to reach the best skin and pin high elastic enhances the adhesion of paste.

6. Diameter of needle: 0.18mm

7. Sizes available:7pins, 9pins, 11pins,12pins, 14pins, 15pins, 17pins,18pins,U10,U14,U16,U18







7pins Flexi blade Dia 0.18mm
9pins Flexi blade Dia 0.18mm
11pins Flexi blade Dia 0.18mm
12pinsFlexi blade Dia 0.18mm
14pins Flexi blade Dia 0.18mm
17pins Flexi blade Dia 0.18mm


Welcome to customized your personal label for microblading products.
1,Customized the stainless steel microblading tool- Autoclave

If the MOQ
50pieces,we supply to put your own logo or label on the microblading tool.
If the MOQ
≥ 1000pieces,you can do your own design microblading tools.

2,Customized The microblading needle blades.

We supply different diameter needle from 0.18-0.30mm ,the needle size and shape also can be Customized  from 7pins to 21 pins or more
With MOQ 20,000PCS ,all blades will be packed into your personal label designed bag and there will be a LOT Number and expiration date on the packaging.

3,Customized the micro-pigment.

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