Golden Ratio Divider-Microblading Tools

By Onlibeauty | 03 May 2017 | 2 Comments

Flexible Stylish Eyebrow Shaping Tool Golden Ratio / Mean Caliper Divider


Instruction :

1)  High quality stainless steel;

2)  Stylish, flexible, partially removable, easy to use;

3)  For artists, to create or check layouts or composition;

4)  Especially useful for human body dimensions;

5)  Microblading Divider for perfect eyebrow shape.



This Fibonacci Gauge is using attractive Stainless Steel material. This tool holds the Golden Ratio constant over the span of its points, and can be used when creating small/medium sized drawings/paintings or patterns in any scale to place objects and components in pleasing proportion with each other and the piece as a whole.

The great builders of ancient Greece knew about and incorporated the Golden Ratio in the timeless designs of their wonderful buildings and temples. For example, using the Fibonacci Gauge to inspect a photo of the Parthenon of Athens, you could see the Golden Ratio incorporated into nearly every aspect of that beautiful structure. Similarly, using the gauge to inspect the joints of your arm from fingers to elbow, you can see that the natural spacing of the knuckles and joints also conforms to the Golden Ratio. Similar phenomena occur universally in nature, so the Golden Ratio is considered to be a "natural ratio". You can tap the inherent attractiveness of this natural ratio by using the fibonacci gauge to adjust the proportions in your own designs...and be pleasantly surprised with successful outcomes.


January 31,2018 18:07
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January 08,2018 19:32
goodmorning i m luigi la gioia i am a microblading teacher an i need some information regarding your golden ratio considering that i need to buy a range of this product. i also need to know how many days i need to receive your product here in italy
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